Uses of Interactive Whiteboard in Classroom

Interactive Whiteboards are delivering advanced and interactive instructions and knowledge sharing worldwide. We at Electronic Whiteboards Warehouse bring the best of whiteboards for schools, corporate, healthcare, retail, government, and industrial trainings. We have a comprehensive range of white boards from leading manufacturers to facilitate all kinds of learning, training, presentation, and communication needs – within the company budget.

We have a unique set of categories to compliment and augment learning in classrooms through interactive whiteboards and supported learning tools. Use of electronic whiteboards or interactive boards is increasing in classrooms due to the ease of comprehension and dynamic learning support these cutting edge technologies provide.  There are various whiteboards for sale of that are designed to serve different purposes with creative features and extending capabilities. Here are few most common and known uses of interactive whiteboards in classroom:

Project Desktop Content

When synchronized with a multimedia Projector, Interactive board can be used to project and present content from the instructor desktop (connected computer). Instructor can connect a computer with the board through a USB or wireless connection to synchronize activities on both computer and the innovative whiteboard. Generally, all interactive whiteboards work equally well with all dependable multimedia projectors.

Record Lecture Notes

Recording is one of the most prominent features of interactive smart whiteboards. It allows students to focus on the knowledge delivered in the classroom and participate in insightful discussions instead of making notes on the notebook. The recorded lectures or notes can be made available to the students for later review and revision. Further, before publishing instructor can edit and tailor recordings for the students to make them more comprehensible and useful for the students.

Conduct Interactive Quizzes

Instructor can conduct interactive quizzes, surveys, and polls during the classroom through interactive whiteboards. The instructor can either post questions on the Smartboard and can ask audience to respond on paper or whiteboards can be used in combination with classroom clickers or audience response system to automate quizzes and assessments. Classroom clickers are the handheld remotes with an intuitive screen and keypad. When instructor posts questions using the instructor pad, it can be seen on the whiteboard and student pads simultaneously where students can respond to the questions using interactive keypad.  The wireless base unit accumulates responses and presents them in the form of easy-to-understand graphs for instant viewing.

Quick Annotation/Highlight Tools – Improved Instructional Design

Interactive whiteboards leverage improved instructional design through quick annotation and highlight features. These interactive whiteboards let instructor to annotate documents, highlight text, and mark images and record them in simple digital files for precise viewing. Interactive whiteboards encourage creativity and empower instructors to use a variety of supported material in instructional design and interact with the content in real-time to make it more comprehensive and student centric.

Integration with LMS

Interactive whiteboards support seamless integration with leading learning management systems (LMS) to archive recorded lectures, organize raw and tailored content, disseminate and publish lectures to the students, and edit recordings as required.

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